Windows 7 Black Screen

I just got word from Microsoft that the supposed patch that causes Windows 7 Black Screen is bogus and inaccurate.

* Microsoft has found these reports to be inaccurate. Comprehensive investigation has shown that none of the recently released updates are related to the behavior described in the reports. Microsoft’s support organization is also not seeing this as an issue. The claims also do not match any known issues that have been documented in our security bulletins.

On December 1, Prevx, the company which issued the report, posted an apology to Microsoft which stated the following:

“Since more specifically narrowing down the cause we have been able to exonerate these patches from being a contributory factor.”

According to Microsoft’s blog post , the real culprit is a piece of malware that clears desktops and produces a black screen on infected PCs; various security vendors have tools for removing this malware. There is no fix or update necessary for this, but customers should keep their anti-virus software up-to-date as a preventative measure. So far, Microsoft is not seeing a massive occurrence of this particular issue in our support channels. If customers do encounter an issue with a security update, contact our Customer Service and Support group for no-charge assistance at