WebBased Software for Project Management

Having been a newly minted PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP), my plans for the next few weeks were to find software that will help me do project management.

Some of hte key criteria that come to my mind:

  • Within my budget (so scratch those that cost more than 1000 USD.)
  • Web Based to facilitate online collaboration among team members
  • Ability to create the resource constrained schedules and output in both text and graphs
  • Capable of creating, modifying and storing Organizational Assets
  • Capable of creating, tracking and identifying issues
  • Capable of tracking risk and facilitate risk planning
  • Capable of tracking cost and revenues for each project
  • Now, i have taken a look at some project management softwares and they are quite impressive. However, since we are a microsoft certified partner, i opted to test out the Microsoft Project 2007 first.

    To my surprise, there is now a Microsoft Project Server 2007 that installs sharepoint that provides the ability to track tasks and provide document handling abilitiies. I am going to learn about this software. If you are also into Project Management, i would welcome your suggestions as well.