Very Touching Email

The following email was sent to me:

It is unfortunate that I was not able to have a chat with you in person. I was meaning to tell you a short story about my life to which, you have been a pivoting point (believe me!)

Way back 2003, I was sent by my former employer Our Lady of Fatima University for some training. And my feet landed me in Caloocan, at i-Mind. Talked to Beam Lee and scheduled a Keystone Learning course on programming with XML. After the course, Beam invited me to attend an event in Baguio sponsored by Bitstop. Speakers were Angre Ngo, Rodney Jao and a few others that I cannot recall for the life of me. 🙂

Presented technologies were Visual Studio 2003, .Net, SQL Server Reporting Services and Windows Server 2003. This was held at Camp/Club John Hay. This was my first exposure to the .Net technologies and to what were called MVPs. I still vividly remember that one of the questions there was about the Shadow Copy feature of Windows server. The question was “Can I configure shadow copy to save the copy on a separate drive? Because saving a ‘backup’ on the same drive seems to defeat the purpose.” This question was asked by you. 😉

Then after the event I did approached you and congratulated you for such a succesful event. Back then, part of my job in the academe was to head events like these. Then you said “ah yan, wala yan. MS provides us with MVPs, then we provide the venue and the other stuff.”

It was there that I decided to go back to the industry and pursue software development again, and to become an MVP 🙂 And silently, of course I said to myself, one day, I will be an MVP and I will present technologies for Bitstop and sir Wilson.

It took me quite some time but here I am now, constructing this email in your guestroom, an MVP, and has presented some new technologies for Bitstop and you.

A success story I guess, but compared with the success that you have now, I know there is still a road left for me to travel.

Thank you sir for inspiring me and congratulations on all the fruits of your labors here. All your people here love you and have nothing but kind and good words to say about you. And I salute you for bringing employment to all the people here. You are truly gifted in your choice of people.

May you have more success in the future sir! And it is true, good things happen, to good people.



Ive always wondered if our initiatives and evangelizing was helping others. Once in a while you get an email like this, and it made my entire week!