Top Ten Features in ITIL Software

After going thru the ITIL v3.0 course and passing the certification exam, I am currently evaluating several ITIL software that would help accomplish ITIL service management lifecyle proccesses.

At a minimum the following features are needed:

1. Full featured Incident management with time tracking and ticket escalation. It must be web based.
2. Problem management and associated Knowledgebase and workaround entries
3. Change Management Process that involves creation, formal approval, charter, intiation tracking, and closure
4. Service Asset Management Database that helps me keeps track of the various hardware and software that a company owns. It must also help me track the licenses and warranties. If it includes cost to own and cost to operate that would be great!
5. Executive Dashboards that help C level executives visualize the activity levels of their IT operations
6 Optional BCP (Business Continuity Programs), Disaster Recovery, backup etc
7. Ease of use and low maintenance with high speed offsite access
8. It must be a hosted solution so that SMEs dont have to bother with capital expenditures and hiring a separate sys ad to manage the system.
9. Low price point to help make the business case and short ROI periods
10. Allow end user feedbacks to trigger Continuous Service Improments in the cycle