Skype Wifi PHone in Singapore

Okay. So the idea was that since Singapore had a theoretically free wifi coverage in the entire Singapore Island, we could use the SMC wifi phone to connect to it, and then from there, be able to get connected to skype. Once connected to skype, one would be effectively be reachable and the wifi skype phone is now a “cell phone”.

Here is the problem. The free wifi service like the one in Bugis Junction (1mbps from M1) needs a browser session for you to login and authenticate (cellphone number and email). Only after this step are you then connected. Now, the wifi skype phone does not have a builtin browser session – so while the wifi phone can connect to M1, it can’t do much anything else.

The only other alternative is to hope that there are some “unsecured” wifi hot spots that allow you to connect to them. In Singapore, I am told that someone got fined and went to jail for doing so. Wonder how they caught the guy? It seems this guy was tapping into his neighbor’s wifi hotspot, and then went on to engage that neighbor in a quarrel……