SEO Philippines Awarding Night

I had my youngest daughter Carina, tag along to go to the SEO Philippines awarding night that was held at Pier 1 (back of Metro Walk). The place was hard to find (for a promdi like me).

The place had a nice ambience about it, and the food was reasonably priced. I had to order food for Carina, as she was a “gate crasher”. I had my ticket stub so i took from the buffet table.

The first person i saw was the contest organizer himself, Mr Marc Macalua. He was busy attending to the other guest at the scene.

I sat myself down to a table beside Jason, and met up with J Angelo Racoma (of J spot) and his wife, Caren. Then i noticed Abe Olandres (Pinoy Top blog and Ploghost) taking pictures. His company is also one of the major sponsors.

My table mates were busy charging their Macs, and laptops (there was a power outage all throught the metropolis that was in its 2nd day). On top of that, they were having a hard time connecting to the wireless internet in the Pier 1 area. Among those with us with the cool mac was Jayvee fernandez of HingeInquirer publications, a sister company of Inq7.

A little while later, in came Abel Quitoriano, younger(?) brother of Dave Quitoriano (founder of yehey)(?) who is with INFOCOM. Then when i went up to Abe O., i got introduced to Antonio Diaz, Information & Decision Solutions Country Manager, GBS Client and Site Services Manager for Procter and Gamble. ( I am reading his calling card)….

Then came in Mark Martirez and Rhea Joy. Mark handed me an envelop containing papers for our call center in the philippines.

Then Mr Boris Kerbikov, CEO, Lakeside Technologies came up to open the event and regaled the audience with how much exposure they got from sponsoring the contest. Go to MSN and search for sql and you will now see Lakeside SQL listed among the top.

Then came the time to announce the winners. Giovanni won the top prize. When asked how he did it, he jokingly remarked that he was a good ‘spammer’….hmmm was it a joke, or did it have a deeper meaning, considering some complaints that were made with regards to the contest rules…