Promoting your Site via Yahoo Action buttons

I stumbled into the Yahoo Action Buttons from a roundabout way. I was reading Darren Rowse (Problogger) post about Adsense allowing other contextual ads to co-exists. He cites Jennsense in turn as having confirmed that indeed Google Adsense now allows other contextual ads (with a few caveats).

So I went over to Yahoo Publisher to try to sign up for an account and see how it compares to google adsense. While inside the webpage, I noticed the Yahoo Action Buttons. I followed the instructions at and quickly added the Yahoo action buttons to my page.

In this site, the action buttons will be seen at the bottom left corner of each page. It allows my site users to quickly send it to their friends, blog about it, or post it in delicious! So it helps encourage word-of-mouth for our sites.