Monitoring Room Temperature with Cisco routers

I wanted to share this with you. Our server room is typically unmanned. And while we have airconditioning, from time to time, something will happen that will cause it NOT to work. There will be a critical rise in room temperature that could pose danger to our network equipment and servers.

So I wanted to be able to monitor the server rooms (NOC) room temperature, without having to buy some expensive stuff. I figured since we were already doing SNMP monitoring on our network equipment (cisco routers and switches), that maybe we COULD!

So I asked helped from SolarWinds Orion Engineer Mr Henry Pea. He gave me the OID (MIB) for the cisco temperature monitoring:

Sure enough, using Solarwinds Orion’s Custom MIB polling, i was able to get Orion to also monitor, measure, track and archive the historical data!

If you are interested on the step by step guide, just post here, and I will add to this posts. (Im a bit lazy, so unless there is a need, I would generally avoid having to do it)