Login failed. Project could not connect to server

I got this error when i tried to open Project 2007 Professional and have it attempt to login to the project Server that was installed on the same machine.

I just finished installing Project Server 2007, configured the /PWA folder. I then configured my MS Project 2007 Professional to connect to the Project Server on the SAME machine. (Please note, Project Standard edition can not connect to Project Server).

It works when I try to login via the HTTP protocl, http://publicURL.domain.com/pwa. But not from right on the same server where both professional and server were installed. I created another account and also got the same “Login Failed”.

The solution was found in the Microsoft Newsgroups by Paul Conroy. Check out the proper AAM (Alternate Access Mapping!)

So I am reproducing the steps i took to create the ‘connection” up to the AAM mapping to make it work.

Step by Step:
1. Login to MS Professional 2007, and in the /tools/Enterprise Options, Select ‘ADD’ to create a new profile. I called mine PMI.(As I am a newly minted PMP!:) ) In the Project Server URL, i decided to reference the INTRANET URL (http://w02virtuozoVE4/pwa) instead of the public URL.

2. Then I ran the [Sharepoint 3.0 Central Administration] Web. I logged in using the same administrator account i used to install both the project server AND the project professional software.

3. In the [operations] tab, under the [global configuration], locate and click on [Alternate Access Mapping]. Click on the Alternate Access Mapping Collection, and make sure that you select the correct website. In my case, its [sharepoint:80]

4. Now Click on the [Edit Public URLs] and enter the http://hostname in the default, and enter http://publicURL.domain.com in the Internet. click save to save the changes.

After these steps. I was able to login to the Project Server.