Easier Blog Backup

It is always a great idea to backup your blog. The misfortunes that beset a famous Philippine blogger, sassylawyer, where she lost a huge swath of her blogs due to a corrupted database, just goes on to show that backing blogs is a worthwhile, and sensible thing to do.

But backing up is ALWAYS a tedious thing. And as I was exploring the blogspot interface, i discovered to my horror, that there wasn’t an easy way to do this. While Blogspot Help has this 10 step way of doing the backup. It was too complicated for me. I suspect that goes the same for you as well.

So i ‘googled’ for what other people ahead of me had to say on the topic. And sure enough, this forum discussed a program called httrack. I went over to the website, downloaded the program, and installed it. Sure enough, the httrack program was able to make a complete copy of my entire blog in a few seconds. Seems to be like this could be a winner and a good substitute for backing up your blog.

Having done this myself, i would recommend that you make a copy of the template of your blogspot blog as well and keep it on your local computer…just in case.