DefconPH beertalk Notes

Alvin and I were able to catch the second Beer talk organized by hacking forum While the speakers were easily half my age, I was impressed with their presentation and depth of knowledge. In that regard, I was glad to have attended the hard-to-find Beer Talk II at the Grilla in Paseo de Roxas.

It was literally hot in that place! The topics and the lack of aircon really made the place HOT. Fortunately, we had ice cold San Miguel Lite beers that came with the pizza.

Tikbalang, presented his “Unconventional way to gain privilege escalation”. The usual way being the CEH method of reconnisance, penetration testing, execution of code, place root kit, cover tracks and leave. His way was through google hacking. This method exposes some logs, in his example, websense smtp logs that showed the user’s account and password for smpt login. From there, he was able to gain access to the system and using more information, get access to other related sites as well. Alvin, quick do a scan of our network and see if we are exposing ourselves and guilty of the same weakness!

Then came Bullshit and his team from this anti-virus company (I am not sure if i can name their company, so i am witholding this). I was impressed with their cracking the Waledoc bot, how they unencrypted the payload and dissected the command codes made me change my previous low opinion rating of their company. I made a mental note to evaluate security products from their company seriously from now on! These three guys should get a raise!

TheStare presented his business side process of conducting a Penetration testing. I was reminded of my PMP process methodology as it was almost the same. Foremost in the presentation is the waiver of liability and the need to find good ethical people to do the scans. I hope he impressed the guys from HK Handshake who dropped by the event to scout around for talent!

I was asked to sponsor the next round of Beer Talk III and I am honored for the privilege. Will post later in our official sites for updates on this.