Credit Card Gateway via Email?

I have just been looking at the yes payments’ bills payment solution via email. They can accept credits cards in the Philippines with Email Billing!
So how does it work? Well, the way I understand it, a registered merchant will enter the bill payment details with Yes Payment servers. The merchant will then send their client an email that contains a link to the Yes Payment gateway. Once the client opens the email, he or she will then be redirected to Yes Payments site.

That is where the client is supposed to enter his or her credit card details and process the payment. On completion of the transaction, YESpayments notifies both Merchant and Customer the result of transaction via email.

So the nice thing about this, from the merchant’s point of view, is that he or she does not need to use a server certificate, use ssl or similar stuff. Neither will he be privy to the client’s credit card details, as these details are never passed to the merchant.

Only Yes Payments will have the data. And since it uses email to process the credit card payment, neither the merchant or his client needs to do any special programming to activate it. It works right after the merchant signs up!