Blogging Made a Difference in Malaysian Election

Singapore’s Today Newspaper published an article that Malaysian PM Abdullah admits underestimating the Internet. The Malaysian opposition meanwhile made full use of it, with one Opposition candidate, 67 year old DAP chairman Lim Kit Siang updating 3 blogs with multiple posts daily. This allowed the opposition to reach out to the young urban and educated […]

SBSTransit 51 + HP IPaq510+Nokia WIFI

On my way back from Jurong East, my wife and I decided to take the SBS transit bus #51 on the way back home. One thing I like about the SBSTransit is that on some of their buses, like Bus 51, 72 and 147, they have free WIFI! So since the trip will take about […]

Tags in B.logs

I just found out the beauty of placing tags in my blog posts. You see, my blog is being aggregated into So as an author, i want my posts to stand out from among the other popular prepys b.log authors and contributors. And to have as many links as possible, the use of tags […]

Convert your blogs to Podcasts

The following useful links were taken from: BlueGrind – Converts text (especially blogs) into podcasts. Feed2Podcast – Convert any RSS feed into a podcast. Talkr – Convert blogs to audio podcasts. Odiogo – convert RSS feeds, text articles and blog posts to podcasts.

Analytics Shootout Results

Eric Enge’s article on analytics is spot on in putting light on why different analytics packages, produces differing results. Eric is the President of Stone Temple Consulting. He is also a founder in Moving Traffic Incorporated, the publisher of Custom Search Guide, a directory of Google Custom Search Engines, and City Town Info, a site […]