Project Professional Checked OUT?

When I tried to open a previously properly closed project in Microsoft Professional 2007, i was surprised to find out that I could only open it in read only mode. The administator had it checked out. (I was THE administrator, and I am sure I did not checked this out!). Anyway, the solution to this […]

PWA Missing Tasks?

Right after I published my project to the Project Server (PWA), i logged in to the website url and true enough, I could see that there are now 4 tasks assigned to the user I logged in as. See picture below: Now, the problem is, when i clicked on the hyperlink, i am taken to […]

Login failed. Project could not connect to server

I got this error when i tried to open Project 2007 Professional and have it attempt to login to the project Server that was installed on the same machine. Background: I just finished installing Project Server 2007, configured the /PWA folder. I then configured my MS Project 2007 Professional to connect to the Project Server […]

Project Server 2007 Screen Shot

My earlier post about PMP and Project Server 2007 got quite a response. So here is the screen shot of the sharewpoint based Project Web Access: I have this setup on a virtual environment in our datacenter. Thanks Lyz and Karen! It is running windows 2003, project 2007 and project server. Also Dux, thanks for […]

WebBased Software for Project Management

Having been a newly minted PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP), my plans for the next few weeks were to find software that will help me do project management. Some of hte key criteria that come to my mind: Within my budget (so scratch those that cost more than 1000 USD.) Web Based to facilitate […]