Tags in B.logs

I just found out the beauty of placing tags in my blog posts. You see, my blog is being aggregated into www.prepys.com. So as an author, i want my posts to stand out from among the other popular prepys b.log authors and contributors. And to have as many links as possible, the use of tags […]

Guitar Duels for New Year?

If you ask me, I’d rather buy two guitar hero kits. That way, we can have a guitar duel!

Could Spam Bots be from Amazon.com???

My server was running sluggishly so i took a peek at what was causing memory to be over utilized. MYSQL and Apache were consuming 90% of the resources. Are we under attack? It looks like heavy spam blog activity to me. A look at the /var/logs/httpd access_log reveals a few of the hundreds of similar […]

Comcast Cable Mystery Solved

I was remotely helping my friend in the US with a comcast cable connection. Her problem was that since Sunday, she couldnt get her laptop to connect to the wireless router (linksys WRT54G). When she used her internet browser, it will ask her to run a diagnostic and only after running it will she be […]

Why Zune is better than iPod!

I lent my sister in law my Zune player. She was planning to buy an iPod but i wanted her to test out the Zune to widen her choices. By stroke of luck, we got on the same bus today, and she was so engrossed in watching the movies on the Zune player that she […]