HDMI DVD Bargain

Over the weekend, i was looking for a better value in [tag-tec]HDMI DVD players [/tag-tec]that have HDMI output. So I went over to Courts in Tampines and took a look at close to a dozen available models. Before i went there, i made a research and had the following list of features that I wanted: […]

Claiming my blog in Technorati

I did not choose the quick method. So i am using the post method here. Technorati Profile

Using Windows XP Random Password Utility

This tip from ISAW on how to use windows command utility to [tag-tec]generate random password [/tag-tec] that you can use to secure your server: c:>net user administrator /random There is a space between administrator and /random. Also, take note that your system’s administrator password is now changed. So in case you love your old password, […]

Podcast Transcription

I was able to browse and read the adverse reactions to podcast transcription from Cameron’s Brain. I have a couple of points to raise about it: 1. Doing a [tag-tec]podcast transcription[/tag-tec] will capture into text the whole conversation in the podcast. This feeds google, msn , yahoo and all the other search engines with content […]

Google Tip:Finding out your Index Pages

To [tag-tec]find out which pages are indexed by google[/tag-tec], in your google search box, enter the following: site:*.yourdomain.com www To see a list of pages from yourdomain.com site that are already in google’s index!