All R&D stops for me when Halo3 comes out


Cool Video on Web 2.0

I found this at

SEO Warfare?

This post by Todd Malicoat is very eloquently dissected. I almost thought of it as a chapter from Sun Tzu’s the Art of war. It is appropriate in my opinion that one also considers web traffic analysis. For in the war analogy. He who knows not only himself, but also the terrain and the enemy […]

WebTraffic Case: Traffic Measure Discrepancy

I had one of the sites using two web traffic measuring engines. Blogflux and Google Webanalytics. The funny thing is, the statistics from both seem to differ by a lot. For instance, Blogflux reports only 6500 unique visit for yesterday, while google reports over 10,000 unique visit! Which leads me to suspect that blogflux […]

SEO case: Internet Credit Card Keyword

Clients usually come to us with a keyword or keyword combination in mind that they want their website or webpage to rank high on google , yahoo or msn search. Ninety (90%) percent of the times, I usually find that our keyword research shows that the initial keyword/keyword combinations are not the most optimal. Why? […]