Promise kept!

I had asked Daisy over at Bgirls to help me with the email to blog problem. I had promised Pangasinan Star that we would enable this feature, although Francis has great reservations about opening this to the public. Daisy was able to make it work! Here is what she did: You supposed to get this […]

Comment Spam Counter Measures

Comment spam on the has grown significantly over the past few weeks. We have done our best to control it, but they keep coming back. It uses up our resources and causes the “WordPress Database Error” you see from time to time. It is a pain in our —–, and fortunately, Ed Kohler wrote […]

Google Settles! wrote about google settling click fraud for 90million. How will this affect the pay per click advertising media that we are now so dependent on? Google has been overcharging advertisers for last four years and has now agreed to cough up $90 million to settle the claim. Click fraud advertisers must be feeling chilled […]

Google Site Demographics

Just found out that google added another site hunting feature to my adword campaigns. Now i can select the sites where i want my adwords campaigns to show up based on visitor demographics! Available metrics to use are age, sex, household income and whether or not there are children in the household. From there, a […]

Adword Ad Group Mystery Solved

I finally found out why one of my Ad groups wasn’t delivering ad impressions on my Site-based campaign (CPM). The answer was sent in an email from google adword support. The problem was that my adword destination URL had a typo. It was unreachable! It should have been but my typo made it […]