To Do list for PangasinanStar

I have promised Pangasinanstar to find a way to allow their visitors to post on their blogs via email. WordPress does have this feature, and i set about to activate it. I created a POP3 mail account, entered the log on details, and proceeded to send a “post” to the POP3 email account. Then i […]

Google Sitemaps

At, we¬†use blogflux mapstats to know more about where our visitors are coming from. While the mapstats program is free and has a lot of cool features, the free version also allows everyone else to see your stats, and see where your users are coming from. Not really a good idea once the blogs […]

Blogroll Image Link Does Not Work

I am trying to copy Blackboard’s technic in using image ads to show up in my blogrolls. I have used wordpress’ image link on the [Add a Link] menu, and have made sure that i have set the image to be [Visible]. However, the links still come out as TEXT links. It may be a […]