Google keyword tool:Why the difference in values?

I had my staff use to estimate the average cost per click of selected keywords. I myself used my adwords accounts and used this While both tools are from google, I have found that the average cost per click of the same keyword is higher (by about 200-300%) when compared with the values […]

Publicly Open Analytics

I stumbled upon this site: QuantCast that comes close to what i wanted to have for some of my sites, as i had blogged on “Google Analytics Wishlist“

Google Analytics Wishlist

Ive been using google’s free tool : [tag-tec]Google Analytics [/tag-tec] for quite some time now. I love the idea of being able to share the analytics reports with other parties via email. Id love it even more, if google were to have a feature to allow a code snippet to be embedded into a target […]

More keywords Ranked: Longtail or Shady SEO?

I am a firm believer in Chris Andersons’ Long Tail. This is where the revenue from small margin items produce the bulk a company’s revenue by sheer number of such small items. In the SEO world, this translastes to having a client’s website optimized not only for a couple of phrases, but optimized for as […]

Champion of Web Analytics!

A lot of people are starting to be aware of the value of analyzing web statistics. It is boring job. but hey, someone has to do it! What benefit does it give you? Think of your website as a customer contact experience. By analyzing the web traffic, you are in fact gaining more insight into […]