Sharepoint Search Service can not be Started

I had to recreate my sharepoint search service as it was not doing the full crawl again! This time, the process hanged and it was not able to completely remove the search database. It would just say “Stopping”.

No amount of restarts could fix the problem.

Some posts on the internet mentions using this:

stsadm -o osearch -action start -role IndexQuery

But I Get:

“operation name is invalid”

The search server drop down box is greyed out (Applications, content databases). So there is no easy way to restore the search server back into the sharpoint configuration. Until i found this on

Search Function not working “site is not assigned to an indexe – Krus
25-Jul-07 04:44:01


That worked. I just changed the Search database name and ran the Sharepoint
config wizard.



Thankfully Matt found a simpler way ( I was about to restore from backups) to restore the settings without having to reinstall or restore from backups!