Sennheiser PC 35 and Windows Vista Driver Problem Solved

My hats off to Mr Tan, the manager at Challenger Store in Vivo City. Despite receiving the badly damaged packaging, he agreed to replace my Sennheiser PC 35 USB. He tried desperately to make it work, but also couldnt do it on my Vista, or on THEIR Windows Vista machines either.

I later on learned that it would be coming out of their personal pockets. I felt bad about it, so i left word for them to call me if they could make it work. And they did.

One hour later. It seems that you need to download a firmware from the site. When we ran the downloaded patch/fix, the PC 35 was then recognized and worked perfectly!

If you need the file, just place a comment here with your email and i will send it to you.
UPdate: try this link guys:

12 Responses to “Sennheiser PC 35 and Windows Vista Driver Problem Solved”

  1. had the same problem just now, but thanks to your hint here I managed to track down the FIRMWARE update – works perfectly now on my iMac – VISTA… cheers, Kami

  2. Hi, could you please send me the file for Sennheiser PC 35 headset to make it work on Vista?

  3. please sent the firmware over ,

    thanks !!
    grtz, kelly

  4. pls send me the firmware thank you 😀

  5. Can you please send me the file – I bought this headset to skype my family whilst away for an extended period – but cannot operate the headset.

  6. Hi,

    I know it’s been a while since this dialog was running, but will you please send me the patch/fix-file the PC 35 for Vista as well? It’s been an unsolved problem for years now… :-).


  7. I have trying for days to solve the problem of my sennheiser combi PC35 with no success. Could you send some link to the firmware update or the file itself? Note that I tried the link you gave but … does not seem to operate. Thanks

  8. i have the same problem ,
    is it possible to have the software …
    thank you

  9. Hi, I have sennheiser pc36 under xp on an intel macbook. do you have a patch that will help. earphones work but mic is not picked up by the system. thanks

  10. Hi!
    I have a problem, with my Sennheiser PC35 USB stuff. I need a driver for Vista, bust this link dosen’t work:

    Please help me somebody! Thanks!

  11. Could you pls send the file this way as well? having the same problem and the link for sennheiser’s HP is redirecting to there front page.


  12. Found the working link, and headset is working perfectly now 🙂 had to run the program under XP thoug.

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