Mozcom VCard

I got the free vcard info from Mozcom. Since i dont have time to try it out, maybe you, my loyal reader, can try it out. Just dont use it all up so others can have the chance to try it out as well okay? Forwarding your P100 v-call loading pin for trial purposes…— 1512-4403-0820 […]

Adsense without owning the site?

From Digg Article pointing to List 10 sites that you can host your google adsense ads and get full or partial revenue credit. Havent tried these tho.

Block Blubster and Cisco’s typo

I had a problem with music file sharing source blubster, and went on to google more info about it. Out came this article from cisco on blocking blubster. I am reproducing some excerpts below: Applying these on your PIX should block this program: access-list outbound deny tcp any eq www access-list outbound permit […]

Singapore Expo

The singapore computer expo happens every 3 months. It is held at the Internation Expo site. A lot of companies displayed their products there. I ‘invested’ in an apple Ipod video cable. This cable enables me to connect my ipod over to my TV and watch the videos! Another cool gadget i bought over there […]