Free SQL2005 Training!

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The following e-learning courses are available for SQL Server 2005:

• 2936: Installing and Securing Microsoft SQL Server 2005

• 2937: Administering and Monitoring Microsoft SQL Server 2005

• 2938: Data Availability Features in Microsoft SQL Server 2005

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  1. Here is a great demo to find out more about Database mirroring in SQL2005!

    In this demonstration, the demo covers how to configure a mirror of a database. We will then access the principal database in a mirror set and then attempt to access the mirror database. We will simulate the failure of the principal database and attempt to access the original mirror database to demonstrate that Automatic Failover occurred

  2. step 1
    Principal database in full recovery mode.

    backup database dbname to Disk= ‘\\server\folder\name.bak’
    with init


    backup log dbname demo6

    step 2
    restore on mirror with no ‘recovery option’

    restore database dbname from disk=’\\server\folder\dbname.bak’
    with norecovery,

    step 3
    configure db mirroring/db properties window
    select mirroring security wizard.
    witness server? for automatic failover?

  3. however, for db mirroring to work, the sql2005 must be started with the -T1400 parameter.

    In sql2005, this is done under sql configuration manager. Under the sql server service, right click properties to be able to access the advance menu and add ;-T1400 into the startup parameter

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