Setting Up Virtual PC on XP

My personal project this summer is to setup a bunch of virtual pcs on a windows xp computer running virtual pc. These virtual pcs would be as follows: Windows 2003 Domain Controller, Exchange 2003, SQL 2005, Live communications Server and CRM.

As i encounter the problems along the way, i will record these as comments

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  1. Sluggish even on a 1gb memory computer. Also, the mouse pointers can not go past the windows edges once you log in.

    Solution : apply the Virtual Machine Additions found in the top menus Action/Install the Virtual machine additions.

    Results in faster and more responsive virtual pcs

  2. Problem: After joining one virtual pc to the domain controller, and trying to log in, i will get the error that there was an invalid data in the domain or SID info with the trusted…

    Solution: found this in google!

    Re: Trying to Login after joining domain [security (SID) inconsistent error]
    Sent: 02/12/2006
    From: Richard Cardona < (email address - cut out)>

    BillB wrote:

    Are you using a clone/copy of a virtual machine that is already part of
    the DC?

    Either way, you”re better off giving the system a new SID with either
    sysprep or newsid.

    What is sysprep?

    NewSID from Sysinternals (third party)

    Then you can (re-)join the domain.

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