Google Toolbar v4.0

Just read this from Matt Cutt’s b*log. Google just released beta of Toolbar v4.0. What caught my eye was the server-side bookmarks. From what i understand, this allows users to save their most commonly visited sites on a server somewhere. This allows the user to click on the links, from whatever computer they use.

If google teams up with ISPs, (barring privacy concerns), ISPs can promote the toolbar use to their clients, in turn, ISPs can get to pre-load the sites listed on the servers on their proxy servers during the low bandwidth usage times.

ISPs could use this to provide even lower costs access.

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  1. I downloaded the Google Toolbar and I have found it very useful, convenient and functional. I get better results when using its search panel. Probably this is what they call smart search. It analyzes and builds a database of past searches so that the next time you search you get better, relevant and filtered results. That’s just one feature!

  2. by the way, the website url is

  3. I found another useful Google product. Its Google Desktop. When downloaded and enabled, it allows the user to 1. view personalized news, photos, and more on the desktop 2. Search for files in the computer 3. share information with other people right from the Sidebar 4. find user’s emails, files, photos, web history, and Gmail.

    To download go to:

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